October 2015

Wireless protocols showdown: ZigBee – is the sting still sharp?

In the previous episode of our series, it turned out that riding the Z-Wave might not get you too far if you are a customer or manufacturer looking for a totally predictable wireless communication technology that can be relied upon… Continue Reading →

Wireless protocols showdown: Riding the Z-Wave

Our review continues, and this time we’ll look at one of the flagship home automation technologies of the past decade. Unlike the previously reviewed Wi-Fi, Z-Wave was designed specifically for home automation applications. It’s a low-power wireless communication protocol developed… Continue Reading →

Silvair awarded for outstanding contribution to the SIG

We are proud to announce that two of our colleagues have just received Member Awards from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group in recognition of their substantial contribution to the SIG’s working groups. Simon Slupik, our CTO and co-founder, was recognized… Continue Reading →

Wireless protocols showdown: Why not Wi-Fi?

As promised, with this episode we’ll start reviewing each of the leading connectivity solutions one by one, sharing the lessons we’ve learned while exploring their capabilities and limitations. And what else could we start with but Wi-Fi, arguably the most globally… Continue Reading →

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