November 2015

Bluetooth: A technology in transition

This is yet another episode of the “Wireless protocols showdown”, and this time we are reviewing Bluetooth, or to be more precise, Bluetooth Smart. The history of the original Bluetooth standard started back in 1994, which makes such dinosaurs as… Continue Reading →

Silvair’s news roundup: a massive glimpse into the future

Welcome to another edition of Silvair’s IoT and smart lighting news roundup. This time we have some massive news that we believe will shape the smart building automation segment over the coming years. Let’s see what the future holds. * Bluetooth… Continue Reading →

THREADing the way through a connected home

Wireless communication protocols reviewed by us so far have been around for quite a while. All of them were introduced to the market when expectations and hype surrounding the IoT and connected spaces were nowhere near as big as they… Continue Reading →

Silvair’s selection of 3 hottest IoT stories of recent days

Welcome to the very first edition of Silvair’s IoT and smart lighting news roundup. We have launched this series to keep our customers and readers updated on what’s going on in the smart lighting segment and the broader IoT industry…. Continue Reading →

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