The smartest way to test emergency lighting

Our standalone emergency lighting testing (ELT) solution provides a new level of automation and wireless convenience. Suitable both for dedicated emergency lighting and combined / dual-function emergency luminaires, this low-maintenance testing feature delivers full regulatory compliance and Bluetooth mesh wireless excellence.


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Whether you are a component manufacturer or a luminaire OEM, our emergency lighting testing solution allows you to minimize the time and effort required to launch a powerful wireless ELT product.


Our solution is suitable both for dedicated emergency lighting and combined / dual-function emergency luminaires. It covers automatic duration and functional tests, as well as ad-hoc manual tests.

end-user value

The ELT feature was designed to minimize hardware requirements and provide an outstanding user experience. It doesn’t require a gateway since tests are autonomously executed by the devices themselves.


Our emergency lighting testing service is compliant with European emergency lighting regulations, DALI-2 Part 202 specification, and the globally interoperable Bluetooth® Mesh standard.

Part of a complete lighting control solution

The ELT feature is part of the complete and proven Silvair lighting control solution. Our commercial-grade wireless technology is used by leading lighting companies across Europe and the U.S.

Intuitive dashboards

One solution for emergency and regular lighting

Our ELT service comes with intuitive commissioning tools that can be used for ELT scheduling and reporting purposes, but also to implement other lighting control strategies – from occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting to precise luminaire-level lighting control. Emergency luminaires and standard luminaires are all part of the same network and can be managed from the same apps.

  • During the remote pre-commissioning stage, our web app is used to set up zones and specify desired ELT schedule. The mobile app is used on site to add devices to the network with a single click.
  • Tests of particular devices can also be triggered manually whenever needed. Ad-hoc manual testing can be carried out on-site using the mobile app. Scheduled tests are executed automatically and autonomously by the devices themselves.
  • Test results can be collected on-site using the mobile app. The app collects results from all available emergency lighting devices. Test results are saved in the cloud so that they can always be accessed remotely from the web app.
  • Once test results have been collected, a complete ELT report can be viewed in the web app at any time. The report contains detailed information about particular devices (name, location, state, battery), their test results, and potential faults.


If you are a component manufacturer, you can easily integrate our solution into your product to start delivering a low-maintenance ELT functionality based on the globally interoperable Bluetooth mesh standard. Your component needs to be able to perform two types of tests – functional tests and duration tests. Our firmware takes care of everything else (scheduling, test execution, reporting and maintenance).

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Grow your business with ELT-ready luminaires

If you are a luminaire OEM, you can effortlessly integrate our ELT solution into different types of luminaires. Just pick a wireless Bluetooth mesh ELT component from one of our partners and connect it to your driver - we are taking care of everything else. The first wireless component for integration into luminaires is already available.

Qualified Bluetooth Mesh Converter for DALI emergency luminaires

  • DiiA D4I certified
  • Design freedom due to compact size
  • Easy to integrate into a luminaire
  • Works with OSRAM Hubsense
  • Minimize internal wiring in combination with DEXAL drivers

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