Once your Bluetooth mesh lighting is up and running, our software tools will allow you to take full control of the luminaires. With just a couple of clicks, you can fine-tune, optimize or even entirely rearrange your lighting in accordance with occupants’ needs or energy code requirements.
Connected Lighting Services

Energy monitoring

Full control over energy costs

Over recent years, energy cost optimization has evolved from a nice-to-have to an absolute necessity. With rapidly progressing climate change and soaring energy prices, companies more than ever need to be aware of their energy consumption patterns. Our monitoring tools provide facility managers with instant access to fine-grained energy data. This knowledge is a starting point for energy efficiency rebates and more effective lighting control strategies.

  • Flexible access to energy data via in-app dashboards or API
  • One-click comparison of energy use before and after lighting retrofit
  • Compliance with DLC NLC5 requirements
  • Data granularity according to specific needs (project-wide, per area, per zone, per node)


Dashboards     API

Silvair full control of energy costs application
easier regulatory compliance
easier regulatory
lower energy costs
lower energy
smaller environmental footprint
smaller environmental

Occupancy analytics

Make better use of your space

A sensor infrastructure deployed across your building not only enables the efficient occupancy sensing strategy, but can also provide you with detailed occupancy data. Our tools will aggregate this data and deliver it to you in the most convenient, visualized form. Depending on the type of your business, you can use it in many different ways to drive efficiencies, improve processes, and generate more savings.

What can you do with occupancy data?

  • identify bottlenecks and prevent wasting space
  • increase the efficiency of cleaning services
  • learn how employees use your space to meet their needs better
  • get familiar with customer habits
  • easily evaluate desk-to-employee ratios
  • optimize the efficiency of HVAC systems
Occupancy analytics - make better use of your space
easier regulatory compliance
simpler regulatory
increased occupant safety
increased occupant
lower costs
improved occupant comfort
improved occupant

Tangible business value!


Once a Bluetooth lighting control system is deployed, building owners and facility managers get access to a variety of essential building data. This includes both operational data related to the current functioning of the installation, as well as data generated by sensors that are part of the lighting infrastructure. Together with our partners, we focus on harnessing that data. Once delivered in a clear form to the right recipients, it can be easily turned into tangible business value. Our occupancy and energy monitoring services are just the beginning, and there is much more down the road.


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